How much are tickets?
There are no tickets because House in the Park is FREE! However we count on our friends and family for support. Please make a donation and ensure this cultural treasure remains!

Location & Time

Where is the event this year?
We are back at Grant Park! We have (2) pavilions for you to dance and party in along with plenty of parking.

Grant Park – Pavilion Area
537 Park Avenue SE, Atlanta
Atlanta, GA 30315

What time do you start?
As always we go from 12Noon-8:00PM. Don’t try to be fashionably late, or you won’t get the best picnic spot! Each year our crowd grows bigger and arrives earlier to claim a grill and the best vantage point of the main action of the day – near the pavilion.

NOTE: The House In The Park staff asks that you DO NOT arrive before 8am, this will allow time for us to set up the park for the day’s festivities.


Which DJs will be performing?

Salah Ananse
Afrique Electrique, Sunday School

DJ Kemit
Spread Love, Kickin Up Dust, Soul Makossa

Kai Alce
NDATL Recordings, Distinctive

Ramon Rawsoul (Founder/Creator)
The Gathering, Mi Casa Holiday

Getting Here – Public Transportation

We encourage everyone to take public transportation whenever possible to reduce congestion and air pollution.

Buses serving Grant Park include #97 (pick up at Five Points Station or at the north end of Centennial Olympic Park), #197 (Transfer at King Memorial Station), #32 (Pick up at King Memorial Station)

Contact MARTA for schedule information http://www.itsmarta.com or call 404-848-4711.


Alternate parking available at Parkside Elementary School and Georgia State Football stadium (formerly Turner Field).

Parkside Elementary School will serve as one of two alternate parking locations for this year’s 13th Annual House in the Park Festival. Located at 685 Mercer St. SE Atlanta, GA 30312 this location is just over a half mile walk to the park. Directions are as follows:

Here’s how you get there!

Head west on Mercer St SE toward Waldo St SE

Turn right onto Waldo St SE

Make a left on the first street you get to which is Berne St SE

Walk to the corner and you will be at Boulevard entrance of Grant Park

Georgia State Football Stadium (formerly Turner Field)

The “Blue Lot” will serve as the second of two alternate parking locations for this year’s 13th Annual House in the Park Festival. Located at 76 Fulton St, SW Atlanta, GA 30312 this location is a short 4 minute drive to Historic Grant Park.  House In The Park has partnered with the Epiphany Collection to provide shuttles to and from the “Blue Lot”.  The Epiphany collection will charge a small fee of $5 each way for this service.

Getting Here – Car

How do I get there by car?

If your point of origination is:

South of the City
Take I-75/85 North to Fulton St exit. Turn right at top of exit ramp. Go to first traffic light and turn right at Olympic Caldron. Go to next intersection (Georgia Avenue) and turn left. Georgia Avenue will end at the entrance to the park (approximately one mile).

East of the City
I-20 West to Boulevard exit 59A; turn left at top of exit ramp; go to third traffic light and turn right in to parking area.

West of the City
I-20 East to Boulevard exit 59A; turn right at top of exit ramp; go to second traffic light and turn right in to parking area.

North of the City
I-75/85 South to I-20 East; take first exit 59A — Boulevard/Cyclorama/Zoo; turn right at top of exit ramp; go to second traffic light and turn right into parking area. The parking area is situated on a hillside with four levels for parking. If you are bound for the Zoo or Cyclorama, follow the walking path down the hill and turn left at the bottom of the hill.

Please note, while visiting the park we ask that you remain on the walking path and not walk through planting beds. Always park in marked spaces. Never park on grass or turf areas, on sidewalks, or areas posted, or where there is no clear indication of marked parking. Violators are subject to ticketing and towing.

Where can I park?
One parking lot is located on Boulevard (approx. 425 spaces) and one lot is located on Cherokee Avenue (approx. 375 spaces). Parking is also available on streets bordering the park. Please observe speed limits around the park and inside the park. Never park on grass or turf areas, sidewalks or areas not clearly marked for parking.

Where should I avoid parking?

  • Be a good community steward and DO NOT park in front of a neighbor’s driveway blocking them in.
  • DO NOT park in front of any no parking/tow signs. In past years a few people had their cars towed.
  • DO NOT park where you see reserved parking/permit parking only signs.


Can we bring and erect tents?
Yes, you can bring and erect tents, BUT they cannot be larger than 10×10. Tents cannot be secured with spikes, stakes or pins in the ground. If you have a large group, claim your space and set more than one side by side or purchase one or more of our premium spaces which include tent, table, chairs and can be upgraded to include a cooler with select beverages! Specific ordinance: Tents and canopies larger than 10′ x 10′ are prohibited without written permission from the Commissioner of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs. [Sec. 110-59 (a)(12)]


Can I bring my own grill to the park?
Yes you can. However due to the size of our event and the city’s municipal code, you are only allowed to bring propane grills. Grilling will be restricted to the designated grilling area.  There will be ample signage as well as site maps directing you to the designated grilling area. Specific ordinance: Outdoor cooking is prohibited except in areas where a city grill has been provided for public use. (Exception: authorized outdoor festival or special event vendors.) [Sec. 110-76 (a)(4)]

Where can I BBQ?
There are plenty of fixed grills provided for your convenience, in a covered area in the park. Be advised its first come, first served! So, come early to stake claim to a grill. If you decide to bring a propane grill, you may only grill in designated areas that will be sectioned off by HITP staff. We will also have food trucks this year so we encourage everyone to patronize these food vendors to cut down on the hassle of lugging a grill around!

Alcoholic Beverages

Can I bring alcoholic beverages to the park?
This is no laughing matter! Atlanta Police Department (APD) and the City of Atlanta Parks Department are very serious about the “open container law”. Please do not have open containers/open alcoholic beverages in your car. While in the park, have your alcoholic beverages in a cup. We’d hate for you to get hemmed up by APD.

Will there be a bar?
YES! We will have a licensed, bonded and permitted bar this year for you to purchase alcoholic beverages. You must be 21 with appropriate ID in order to purchase any of the alcoholic beverages.


Can we bring pets?
The short answer is NO!!

This year we are a Class C event and new rules apply.  Specific ordinance: All pets, including dogs, cats, snakes, birds, pigs, etc., are prohibited in parks – leash or no leash – during all festivals with a class A, class B or class C festival permit, unless part of a planned festival program or assisting persons with disabilities. (Please refer to the festival classification schedule below.) This is for the pet’s protection as well as for the protection of festival patrons. [Sec. 110-70 (d)] NOTE: We are a Class C festival

Keeping the Park Beautiful

Where are the trash cans?
There are plenty of trash cans throughout the park. HITP will bring in an additional 30-yard dumpster for you to toss your trash. Please clean up after yourself.

What can I put in the trash?
You can toss pretty much everything in the dumpster, except for the following:

  • Hot coals
  • Burning cigarette butts
  • Sterno burner containers
  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Lighter fluid
  • Basically, don’t toss anything that is used to build flames.

Clean-up your mess! Leave the park more beautiful, then when you found it!

Please do your part to be a good steward of this great community and take care of this park.

Pick-up your trash!! Don’t leave your picnic items behind. There will be a 30-yard refuse dumpster available for dumping your trash.

We are also in need of volunteers to come out the day after House in the Park to assist with clean up! Sign up to volunteer on our official website. As always we have nice incentives for our dedicated volunteers!

Vendor Area

Will there be vendors?
HITP will feature a vendor area, so please bring cash to purchase great products from our vendors.