House in the Park 2018 invites vendors to offer their products for purchase on the day of the event. If you are a licensed, bonded and insured food truck or a small business, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your product and services to a wide variety of patrons.

Please submit this application by August 15th, 2018  

Upon review and approval (within 7 days of application submission) a confirmation email will be sent requesting payment. The vending fee will be due immediately. August 15, 2018 is the final deadline for any and ALL vendor inquiries, application submissions and fee payments and is subject to the inflated vendor fee IF selected.

Small Businesses = $300 ($350 after August 6th, 2018) 


Push Cart: $250 each

10X10 space: $500 

10X20 space: $750

Food Truck: $750



Electrical NOT included. All vendors will need to provide your own generator for the event.

*Please note that an additional  fee of $146 (high risk i.e. hot food, grilled, fried, etc) or $110 (low risk i.e. desserts, cold treats, etc.) is REQUIRED from the Fulton County Department of Environmental Health  for Special Event permitting for individual food vendors. This is NOT the same as a mobile food permit and is a permit for special events only for the duration of that event.  



NOTE: If you are a company interested in partnering with HITP please visit the sponsors page for information about sponsorship opportunities.

If you are a nonprofit organization and are interested in participating in the House in the Park festivities please send inquiries to with details about your organization, website and in what capacity you would like to participate.


General Information

  1. House in the Park vending hours: Sunday, September 2, 2018 12:00Noon – 7:45PM

  2. All exhibitors MUST submit (four) digital images of materials and set-up. Please include images of banners/signs that will be used, if any.

  3. Notification of Acceptance and Deadline for vending Fees: All notices of acceptance will be emailed by 7 days after application submission. Once a vendor has been accepted, HITP will send the vendor an invoice. The vending fee is due immediately. Payment in full must be submitted and received by House in the Park by August 15, 2018.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF SPACE. No personal checks or business checks will be accepted.  Once approved and payment is made there will be NO REFUNDS.

  4. Vending Space:

    • The average vending space accommodates a 6’x30′ table, two chairs and a 10’x10′ light weight pop-up tent. Industrial and heavy duty tents will not be permitted. Tents may be used on paved surfaces ONLY. NO tent stakes/tent pins to secure tents in the ground.

    • Load in instructions will be emailed the week prior to the event.

    • Theft or vandalism of merchandise and/or property left unattended, is not the responsibility of House In the Park, Rawsoul Entertainment, or any party or entity contracted by Rawsoul Entertainment.

    • Each vendor will be allotted a total of (4) staff members, any additional staff will be required to purchase a ticket for entry.

  5. Use of promotional signs/banners/flyers:

    • Vendors may affix signs to their own tent or use a logoed table cloth on the table. Banners cannot be affixed to park fixtures, nor trees, shrubs, etc. Banners and signs should not exceed 3’x6’ for free standing banners. Please send pictures of banner/signage, along with certificates of fire retardency/fire safety from manufacturer or printer.

    • Exhibitors may disseminate fliers from their table/space. NO distribution of fliers in the crowd.

  6. Sales: Vendors will transact all sales and all proceeds will go to the exhibitor. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to collect the appropriate sales tax and report accurately to the IRS.

  7. Liability: Each vendor displays merchandise/product at his or her own risk. If insurance is desired, it must be arranged and purchased by the vendor. Neither House in the Park nor Rawsoul Entertainment assumes any liability for loss, damage, or theft of work or displayed merchandise/product.

  8. Responsibility of the Vendor: Each vendor or a designee must be present with his/her merchandise during House in the Park hours. Each vendor is responsible for providing relief personnel to maintain the vendor space. No Exhibitor may sublet to another vendor. Each vendor must limit sale items to the media represented in the submitted visual images; any exceptions must be approved in advance. Each vendor must abide by City of Atlanta vending codes/ordinances and City of Atlanta Park Rules and Regulations.

  9. Penalties: House In the Park and Rawsoul Entertainment reserves the right to ask for the removal of any items or displays not representative of the visual images submitted during the application process; to remove any objects in violation of the rules and regulations listed herein; and to prohibit any vendor from setting-up his/her display late. Furthermore, House in the Park and Rawsoul Entertainment reserve the right to bar any vendor from participating for NON-COMPLIANCE. Such an occurrence will result in the LOSS OF FEES (NO REFUNDS), in addition to removal from the premises.

House In the Park and Rawsoul Entertainment PROHIBITS the sale of any unauthorized House in the Park paraphernalia/memorabilia without written consent and “OFFICIAL” sign displayed.

NO SHARING OF VENDOR SPACE!!! Doing so will forfeit your space the day of House in the Park and you will be asked to shut your space down.